What are the steps to trim a video in Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile?

  •  What does the video say about the steps to trim a video in Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile?
  • The video explains a straightforward process for trimming a video in the Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile app, emphasizing its importance in preparing the video for analysis. After recording a swing, either in manual or automatic capture mode, the user is prompted to trim the video. This involves adjusting the start and end points of the video to encapsulate just the swing. The trimming process is facilitated by sliding yellow bars to designate the beginning and end of the swing motion.

This step is crucial for focusing the analysis on the swing itself, removing any unnecessary footage before or after the swing. It not only ensures that the app's analysis is concentrated on the most relevant part of the video but also speeds up the analysis process by reducing the amount of footage to be processed.

For more detailed instructions on trimming and preparing your video for analysis, the How to turn on a manual capture | Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile video provides a quick and easy guide on this essential part of the video analysis process.