How does manual capture mode differ from automatic capture in Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile?

 What does the video say about how manual capture mode differs from automatic capture in Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile?

  • The video outlines that the Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile app defaults to automatic capture mode upon starting, which automates the process of detecting and recording swings without user intervention. To switch to manual capture mode, users can select the "Manual" option displayed at the top of the app's screen. In this mode, users gain control over the start and stop of the recording process by tapping the Red Dot to begin recording and clicking stop to end it. This manual control allows for more deliberate recording, giving users the flexibility to capture specific swings or moments of their choosing rather than relying on the app to automatically detect when to start and stop recording.

This distinction offers users a choice between convenience and precision, where automatic capture ensures no swing is missed, and manual capture allows for targeted recording, especially useful in environments or situations where automatic detection may be challenged or unnecessary.

For a practical demonstration on switching to and using manual capture mode, viewing the How to turn on a manual capture | Sportsbox 3DGOLF Mobile video might provide clear guidance.